Soul Butter Station vol. 1 (Deliver Me-This is my Exodus)

The journey of life inevitably leads every living person through a journey enabling them to distinguish between noise (which you will want to turn off), music (which will make you want to turn the volume up), and soul butter (which will instantaneously change your life and leave you longing for more). Although taste varies from person to person, I’ve yet to meet somebody whose life has not been cataclysmically changed by an encounter with a lyric and/or melody, that wiggled its way into their soul.  In fact, some musical masterpieces wake us up like the smell of a grandma’s kitchen, as she bakes homemade buttermilk biscuits, on a Saturday morning. Simply stated, you follow the aroma to the kitchen, and sit in anticipation for the moment when Grandma tells you that they are ready to eat… and with the first bite, the buttery yumminess, takes every single one of your worries away. You find yourself lost in the moment. That my friends….. is soul butter.

This past weekend, I ran across the new album by Donald Lawrence & the Tri-city Singers, called “Goshen.” This masterpiece was is set up like a gospocentric-hip-hop-opera telling the story of the biblical exodus, while simultaneously encouraging the listener to experience their own personal path to freedom. This masterpiece of this album was arranged with such creativity and precision, that my jaw dropped as I listened to each song. However, it was the song, “Deliver Me (This is My Exodus),” that brought goosebumps to my skin, and caused this grown man to curl up into a ball of tears. Although the lyric is rather simple, it brought me face-to-face with my personal testimony. Truth is, not to long ago, I found myself as a prisoner to a life that I was not proud of living. Had it not been for the grace, of the God of the Exodus, I’d still be a prisoner to Pharaoh……

So before I continue to babble on… let me introduce to you the first of many songs that I will share with you on this platform. The songs that I have classified as “soul butter.”

“Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus)”
(feat. Le’Andria Johnson)

He leads me beside still waters
He restoreth my soul
When you become a believer
Your spirit is made right
And sometimes, the soul doesn’t get the notice
It has a hole in it
Due to things that’s happened in the past
Hurt, abuse, molestation
But we wanna speak to you today and tell you
That God wants to heal the hole in your soul
Some people’s actions is not because their spirit is wrong
But it’s because the past has left a hole in their soul
May this wisdom help you get over your past
And remind you that God wants to heal the hole in your soul
I have my sister Le’Andria here
She’s gonna help me share this wisdom
And tell this story

Deliver me
‘Cause all I seem to do is hurt me
Hurt me
Deliver me
‘Cause all I seem to do is hurt me
Yes sir
Hurt me, yeah, yeah
I know we should be finishing but
Sing it for me two more times

Deliver me
‘Cause all I seem to do is hurt me
Hurt me
One more time
Deliver me
‘Cause all I seem to do is hurt me, yeah
Hurt me, yeah
Whoa yeah

(Whoa-whoa, oh, oh)
And my background said
(Whoa-whoa, Lord, deliver me)
Oh yeah
God rescued me from myself, from my overthinking
(Deliver me)
If you’re listening out there
Just repeat after me if you’re struggling with your past
And say it
(Oh, Lord oh)
Let the Lord know, just say it, oh
(Oh, Lord, Lord)
He wants to restore your soul
He said
(Deliver me)
If My people, who are called by My name
Will move themselves and pray
(Deliver me)
Seek my face, turn from their wicked ways
I will hear from Heaven
Break it on down

So it is
It is so
Now when we pray
We wanna end that with a declaration, a decree
So I’m speaking for all of you listening

Starting here, starting now
The things that hurt you in the past won’t control your future
Starting now, this is a new day
This is your exodus, you are officially released
Now sing it for me Le’Andria

(This is my Exodus)
(This is my Exodus)
I’m saying goodbye
(This is my Exodus)
To the old me, yeah
(This is my Exodus)
Oh, oh, oh
(Thank You Lord)
And I’m saying hello
(Thank You Lord)
To the brand new me, yeah
(Thank You Lord)
Hey, hey, hey-yeah

This is
(This is my Exodus)
I declare it
(This is my Exodus)
And I decree
(This is my Exodus)
Hey this is, this day, this day is why I thank You Lord
(This is my Exodus)
(Thank You Lord)
(Thank You Lord)
For you and for me
(Thank You Lord)

Now, Lord God
(This is my Exodus)
Now Lord God
(This is my Exodus)
It is my
(This is my Exodus)
The things sent to break me down
(This is my Exodus)
Yeah hey thank You Lord
(Thank You Lord)
Hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, hey-yeah
(Thank You Lord)
Every weapon
(Thank You Lord)
God, You, You, You to me, there for me

album: “Goshen” (2019)

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