Happiness Hack

Hey Everybody!!!
Believe it or not I’m back. I survived graduate statistics. My grade still hasn’t posted, but I’m pretty sure that I got an “A”. All that is left is two more classes and my Master of Science in Psychology will be complete. I should be done by the end of this summer. (Thank you Jesus!)
Anyhow, I apologize for being so inconsistent over the past 8 weeks. I’d like to thank everyone who reached out, prayed for me, and continued to support my sporadic posts. You all are amazing!
Meanwhile, here’s a quick video that I believe that you will all enjoy.

John Eli

Happiness Hack

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    1. Thanks Kevin. Life has been crazy these past few months….
      So about your question… I’m lost… ha! ha!. I don’t get what you are asking. I keep looking at my post for a typo… However, I think I have major senioritis from grad school. I can’t think. lol.

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