Sunday Sermon Matinee (episode 1/The abundant life)

Hey friends,
I decided to try something new today.
Earlier this year I had the privilege of leading an online discussion on the words, actions, and life of Jesus Christ. The experience rocked my world in such a way that altered my approach to sharing my faith. I now recognize, that in the past, I overly invested way too much time immersing people in church culture, expectations, and deep theology. In hindsight I can see that I created a culture where people were able to regurgitate creeds and doctrines, but very few developed intimacy with Jesus. With that in mind I’ve chosen to dedicate any platform space to point people to Jesus. My goal is to invite others to know him personally as they experience his birth, life, death, and resurrection found in the gospels. This video will be the first of many that will point others to His message. It is my hope and prayer that it will bless your socks off.

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