Life outside of dysfunction

Sometimes we become so comfortable with the day-to-day routine of our dysfunction that we are unwilling to imagine life outside of it. Instead of pursuing freedom, we continuously run back into the arms of the things that hold us captive.

For years I believed a lie that my opinion and desires were unimportant. Consumed by this thought I refused to disclose my true feelings. Instead I became a people pleaser and I focused only on the joy of others. The end result was sickeness. Not only was I functionally depressed, I began to experience psychosomatically induced chronic pain. I saw specialist, after specialist, and they could find no cause or cure for my suffering.

As time progressed, my life imploded. With no where to look but up, I finally began to imagine what life might be like outside of mindset that I had settled for. As I gave myself permission to envision the possibility of life outside of my dysfunction, I became aware of distorted thinking patterns that I had carried since childhood. No longer willing to settle for life as it had been, I made a choice to step out of the ordinary and into the land of unfamiliar. I chose to rise of and be all that God created me to be.
It was the best decision that I could have made. Not only did I receive healing of my physical body, I also received healing in my heart.

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Published by John Eli

I am a self-awareness coach (coach for humans), life strategist, blogger and speaker. I’ve spent over 21 years mentoring individuals in life skills, career transitions, relationships, and life recovery. My resume includes pastoral care, behavioral health, and higher education. From an early age, I realized that God created me to bring hope, healing and encouragement to others. I am currently living out my purpose by creating a space where people can rediscover and become all that they were created to be. I currently live in the beautiful state of Arizona with my wife, two dogs, and an antique piano whom I call, “Betty.”

6 thoughts on “Life outside of dysfunction

  1. Excellent post, John. I always appreciate your honesty. I’ve always been the opposite of the way you were: confident, outspoken, opinionated, looking mostly to myself. I had to learn the exact opposite lessons that you had to learn. It all goes to show how God chooses such diametrically different people to be His children. Once saved, than all that painful “transforming” work begins to mold us into the image of Christ.

    The Lord’s richest blessings upon, and keep up the great posts!

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    1. I love your heart bro….. And I love how God made us all so different. Each of us serves a different role in expanding His kingdom. I’m grateful that I’ve met you here in cyberspace. Blessings bro.

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  2. I’ve also read that humans will find ways to re-create childhood trauma because it is familiar to us. As destructive as the dysfunction is, we find it comfortable because it transports us to childhood.

    Freedom in Christ breaks the chains of sin and constant drama.

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    1. #Bam. You nailed it bro. Psychologists and Family Scientists call that homeostasis. It appears as acceptable dysfunction. Many times you will find people doing all they can to maintain the acceptable dysfunction because that is all that they have ever known and they cannot and refuse to dream of a life outside of it.
      …. And as you state… The gospel can set us free from that dysfunction. 🙌🏽🔥

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