Covering up brokenness

I hated who I was….
Instead of living an authentic life I pretended to be someone that I wasn’t and found myself conforming to the expectations of others. I desperately sought approval while slowly losing myself in the noise of their applause
… I began to hate “me.” I hated the fakeness and the unfairness of the facade that I created. I desperately wanted the real me to emerge from the shadows, but that would mean that I would have to disappoint those whose approval I craved.
…. But the day came when the “real me” made an unexpected appearance. Some stayed, some ran, and I stood in shock. My world as I knew it changed. In time I learned that despite the rough and jagged edges that made me “me,” I was no less created in the image of God than everyone else around me. In time I was able to embrace the truth that it God loves me, then I was free to love “me” too.
He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Psalms 147:3 NLT

Published by John Eli

I am a self-awareness coach (coach for humans), life strategist, blogger and speaker. I’ve spent over 21 years mentoring individuals in life skills, career transitions, relationships, and life recovery. My resume includes pastoral care, behavioral health, and higher education. From an early age, I realized that God created me to bring hope, healing and encouragement to others. I am currently living out my purpose by creating a space where people can rediscover and become all that they were created to be. I currently live in the beautiful state of Arizona with my wife, two dogs, and an antique piano whom I call, “Betty.”

12 thoughts on “Covering up brokenness

    1. You commented on a post that I made a while back and I hunted you down. Lol. I’m always looking for people to learn from. Your YouTube channel has a wealth of knowledge that I can’t wait to tap into. Thank you for making it available.

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  1. Great testimony. It is so freeing to be the real you isn’t it? I have a similar story. Authenticity creates real friendships, based on trust and love, rather than fear and politics. Vulnerability is a wonderful thing and I find the more I open up to those around me, the more they seem to open up as well!

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