Covering up brokenness

I hated who I was….
Instead of living an authentic life I pretended to be someone that I wasn’t and found myself conforming to the expectations of others. I desperately sought approval while slowly losing myself in the noise of their applause
… I began to hate “me.” I hated the fakeness and the unfairness of the facade that I created. I desperately wanted the real me to emerge from the shadows, but that would mean that I would have to disappoint those whose approval I craved.
…. But the day came when the “real me” made an unexpected appearance. Some stayed, some ran, and I stood in shock. My world as I knew it changed. In time I learned that despite the rough and jagged edges that made me “me,” I was no less created in the image of God than everyone else around me. In time I was able to embrace the truth that it God loves me, then I was free to love “me” too.
He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Psalms 147:3 NLT

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    1. You commented on a post that I made a while back and I hunted you down. Lol. I’m always looking for people to learn from. Your YouTube channel has a wealth of knowledge that I can’t wait to tap into. Thank you for making it available.

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  1. Great testimony. It is so freeing to be the real you isn’t it? I have a similar story. Authenticity creates real friendships, based on trust and love, rather than fear and politics. Vulnerability is a wonderful thing and I find the more I open up to those around me, the more they seem to open up as well!

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