Detours and destiny

To say that it was ugly and messy is an understatement. I was absolutely lost and miserable. Nevertheless, it was exactly what I needed to wake up and find my way back home. I’m still not sure how I allowed myself to get distracted from the road that I was on. After all, I considered myself to be disciplined and determined. Yet, I found myself lost on a path that I never intended to travel.
Sometimes grace can best be described as a pie in the face. It has a tendency to show up in a way that is uncomfortable, and yet still be sweet. Had grace not woken me as abruptly as it did, perhaps I’d still be lost on a road leading towards misery.
Perhaps you find yourself on a detour. Perhaps like me, you’ve woken up to the sad reality that you made a mess of life and you don’t know where to turn. Friend, if that is you, please don’t walk this journey alone. Message me, let’s set up a time to chat. I’d love to create a safe space for you to have the freedom to dream and start moving forward again.

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