Finish Strong- Day 22

Welcome to day 22 of the “Finish Strong” challenge? 🔥

Excuses are the adult version of the boogey-man. It’s interesting how many people will fearfully run from something that doesn’t exist.

Here’s your assignment for the day. 📚
Take a 1-minute to view the accompanying video, then grab your notebook/journal and take 10-15 to answer the following: ✍️⏱

  1. What excuses have you encountered during your challenge to reach your current goals?
  2. Which excuse is most likely to imprison you at this present moment in time.
  3. On a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to give in to your excuse at any given moment?
  4. What will it take for you to put and end your excuses?

In the comments below share your answer to questions #4. 👇👇👇

Go out and be all that God created you to be today!!!!Stay tuned for the next


Published by John Eli

I am a self-awareness coach (coach for humans), life strategist, blogger and speaker. I’ve spent over 21 years mentoring individuals in life skills, career transitions, relationships, and life recovery. My resume includes pastoral care, behavioral health, and higher education. From an early age, I realized that God created me to bring hope, healing and encouragement to others. I am currently living out my purpose by creating a space where people can rediscover and become all that they were created to be. I currently live in the beautiful state of Arizona with my wife, two dogs, and an antique piano whom I call, “Betty.”

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