Finish Strong- Day 23

Welcome to day 23 of the “Finish Strong” challenge. 🔥

How you choose to define adversity will make you or break you. Many times, your reaction determines your outcome.

Here’s your assignment for the day. 📚
Take a 1-minute to view the accompanying video, then grab your notebook/journal and take 10-15 to answer the following: ✍️⏱

  1. Who and what are you most likely to blame your personal setback on?
  2. I encourage you to take a moment and imagine that everything that you listed in question #1 is a challenge and not a threat….
    a) If it is a challenge, what can you do to overcome it?
    b) What do you need to believe about yourself to overcome it?
    c) What do you need to believe about that person or thing to overcome it?
  3. What is one step that you can take this week to overcome challenges that come your way.

In the comments below share the one thing that you are most likely to blame when experiencing a setback. 👇👇👇

Go out and be all that God created you to be today!!!!


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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but first, blame for me is always on the devil. But you know, the devil can’t be everywhere at once, so he can’t be the blame for everyone’s problems all the time. If I am truly honest, I can most often find “where the ax head sank” because of my lack of patience, not waiting on God, or not asking Him for advice in the first place. In any event I can trace it back to my own behaviour. Now that is not to say that at times the devil has not had a hand in the folly of things, but more often than not, the folly has been my own! God Bless and have a great weekend John!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by… I just added a 1-minute video to this post that you may want to check out. However, the way that we choose to label adversity will determine our victory. If you view a struggle as an attack you will always be on the defensive (even in spiritual battles). Viewing a struggle as a challenge will allow you permission to stand as a child of God who is victorious and you stand in confidence as you work through your battle.

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  2. I blame myself. When I experience failure or a setback I see myself going ahead of God and taking control of the situation myself. I know that walking by faith and not by sight is trusting in God, and with God, I can accomplish my destiny and God’s purpose in my life. I also know that some of my pursue in life will not be in God’s Will and therefore will be aborted by No, from God, others could be “wait” or “maybe”, and it is because He loves me and wants the best for me. He will always bless you or myself with something better.

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