I chose to live

I’ve received some heartbreaking news yesterday and thought it was appropriate for me to share this part of my story once again.
John Eli

John Eli, MBA, MS (Ψ)⁣⁣

I hadn’t anticipated the apartment being so quiet that morning. Several months earlier I had moved into a one-bedroom apartment, with a friend of mine, to try and save some money. Not to long after, two more guys moved into the place with us. Describing the situation as chaotic would be an understatement. The apartment was always filled with loud music, laughter, pizza, and even more friends crashing out anywhere that they could find space. However, on this particular morning, for some odd reason, the only person stuck at home was me.

The walls echoed with silence as I sat at home alone. I could have dealt with the silence just fine. However, as timely as clock work, the tranquil state of my mind was interrupted with the crashing roar of my thought life. As I entered adulthood I found myself raging war against a particular thought that shamelessly wedged…

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