Finish Strong- Day 36

Welcome to day 36 of the ” Finish Strong” challenge. 🔥

The willingness to entertain discouragement opens the door to the destruction of dreams. Keep that door closed at all cost.

Here’s your assignment for the day.

Take a 1-minute to view the accompanying video, then grab your notebook/journal and take 10-15 to answer the following: ✍️⏱

  1. Where do the most critical voices in your life come from and how do they make you feel?
  2. What would life look like if those voices were silenced?
  3. What is one step that you can do to silence those voices?
  4. What truth, about yourself, are you willing to believe instead of believing your critics?

In the comments below, share your answers to the questions above. 👇👇👇

Go out and be all that God created you to be today!!!!

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