Finish Strong- Day 49

Welcome to day 49 of the “Finish Strong” challenge. 🔥

Shame should never be a by-product of progress. Let your life be a living testimonial of hope to this world.

Here’s your assignment for the day. 📚

Take a 1-minute to view the accompanying video, then grab your notebook/journal and take 10-15 to answer the following: ✍️⏱

  1. Think about your current journey to accomplish your goals. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being completely unwilling, 10 being extremely willing), how would you rate your level of willingness to share your progress with others?
  2. List 1-10 things that you are proud of accomplishing over the past 49 days.
  3. Look at your list. Which of the things you listed are your comfortable sharing with others, and which are you not?
  4. What would it take for you to step out of shame and publicly celebrate your progress?

Share your response in the comment section below. 👇👇👇

Go out and be all that God created you to be today!


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