3 lessons I learned from one of the biggest lies I’ve ever told

I was re-reading this post that I wrote a while back and thought I’d share it with you again.
Hope your week is going great.
John Eli

John Eli, MBA, MS (Ψ)⁣⁣

She was kind. She was beautiful. She was sweet…. and as a middle-school boy, that viewed an ingrown toe-nail as major-surgery, she was an absolute godsend.

The summer before my last year of middle-school, I began to suffer from an ingrown toenail….. It was the absolute worst. It was painful. It was gross. It was embarrassing… and of course. I was an absolute crybaby about it… My mom finally got tired of my overly-dramatic whining and complaining, so she dragged me to the doctor’s office to have it taken care of.

I approached the appointment with a gang-load of fear. However, once I arrived at the office, I was greeting by the loveliest medical assistant ever. While the doctor himself seemed a bit disconnected and rude, the assistant was gifted with the ability to calm down a squirrel on crack. She spoke the perfect words, using the perfect tone, and…

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