Men and depression

I’ve been part of this 30.6% at various times of my life. ⁣
I wish that I could tell you that I navigated those seasons of life bravely and courageously, but I’d be lying if I did. ⁣
The truth is that I didn’t feel safe enough to share how I felt with others. ⁣
Expectations of society, my culture, my faith community, and even myself left me isolated and far away from healing and hope. ⁣
So, I supressed my feelings…⁣
I hid behind a million masks…⁣
I self-medicated…⁣
….. and I almost lost it all….⁣

Today, I want to tell you that it’s ok to not be “ok.”⁣
You will never be less of a man if you reach out for help.⁣

I believe in you…⁣
…. And I’m praying for you…⁣

Go out and be all that God created you to be!!!⁣

Does this resonate with you? If so, leave a comment below. 👇👇👇⁣

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