Church closed tomorrow?

Looks like many churches will be closing their doors this Sunday to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19. ⁣
Whether you choose to attend church or opt-out, my hope is that you would not allow others to shame you. ⁣

On that note, I thought I’d leave you with a few alternative ways to connect with God that do not include entering into a church building. ⁣

1. Go on a prayer walk/hike (in an open space) and talk to God about your fears. ⁣
2. Listen to your favorite worship album (or playlist) and tune into the feelings/thoughts that come up with each song. Stop after each song and talk to God about it. ⁣
3. Practice Lectio Divina (or just read your favorite Bible passage and meditate on it)⁣
4. Watch/listen to your favorite speaker/teacher or attend church online. ⁣
5. Call someone that needs encouragement and just be present for them. Pray with them if they are open to it. (If not, just love them and be present anyhow)⁣
6. Call a good friend and just be vulnerable about your current experience in life. Then ask them to be vulnerable about theirs. Pray for each other. ⁣
7. Create a Facebook group (or another online group) for friends and family for prayer, Bible study, and encouragement. ⁣
8. Daily reject shame and embrace grace. ⁣
9. Journal 1 to 10 things that you are grateful for and share your gratitude with someone else.⁣

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      1. Outdoors! I walk most every weekend. Oh, and I got into the habit of talking to God on my way to work. Then I always get in a good prayer before I start my work day. I talk out loud so it’s kind of strange at first, but now I love it!

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  1. We are having worship services today, but our Sunday school teacher is having medical issues, with very low white blood cell count. Thus, I am teaching, but if only a couple show up, we may decide to stay home next week. I have already received e-mails from a few that are not coming. I plan to place a note in the attendance sheet that all absences should be excused during this period, if anyone is that worried about perfect attendance.


  2. Today is the National Day of Prayer. I have already prayed this morning and will continue to be in prayer throughout the day. God bless you for your suggestions…they are all good.


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