Hey bro! (Who you are not)

Who would you be if you ignored every voice that is trying to tell you to be someone different?⁣
You weren’t created to be anyone other than yourself. ⁣
Therefore you are not obligated to live up to the unrealistic expectations of others. ⁣
Instead, know who you are. ⁣
Know what you want. ⁣
Know where you are going. ⁣
…. and align your life accordingly. ⁣

You got this, my friend. ⁣
Go out and be all that God created you to be today! 🙏🙌🔥⁣⁣
The debut of the “The Power of Choice” masterclass series is in 7 days. Register for it today. The registration link below. 🏋️💪📝👀💯🎯⁣

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  1. I learned early in life not to listen to how people wanted to define me. I had a high school counselor tell me I wasn’t college material. I went on to get my Masters and graduated with honors.

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