Discomfort and change

I usually experience seasons of discomfort prior to seasons of growth and forward movement. • I’ve come to the understanding that discomfort is actually a divine gift. • Time after time God has used discomfort to nudge me out of my comfort zone. • Although, I tend to fight change, I also know that changeContinue reading “Discomfort and change”

Grace in the midst of the fires of pain

Here I am, struggling, but choosing to live the best life that I can, despite my circumstances. Here I am, grateful for everyone, and everything, that I do have. I am appreciative of the many, many blessings provided just for me.

The day my doubt turned into faith

I remember that for several weeks I found myself telling God that there were specific things that I had been praying about for years that he had never answered. I found myself telling Him that I was unwilling to take any steps further until I saw that He was willing to answer my prayers