What I’m learning from Angry Birds, public outbursts, and church people

My initial reaction was nausea… then the nausea was followed by deep sorrow…. My heart hurt for this young man. I’m almost sure that he was completely blind-sighted by the backlash caused by his shirt. I’m positive that all he wanted to do was share the gospel. Instead, he was tar and feathered by two bitter crows.

You have purpose

- The mere fact that God is breathing life into your soul, at this very moment, bears witness to the fact that you are meant to be alive and that you have an assignment to fulfill. - It's easy to allow doubt and activity to distract you from your calling. Nevertheless, its just as easy … Continue reading You have purpose


Transformation is a process...-It doesnt always happen overnight. Nevertheless, we can trust that God makes all things beautiful in his time.-Meanwhile enjoy the journey. Celebrate the work that the Holy Spirit has done, and continues to do, in you.-You are God's masterpiece.-This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The … Continue reading Transformation