What I learned from walking away from one-sided relationships

I’m a firm believer that I will not always find myself surrounded by the people that I expected to have around me….. Nevertheless, I will always find myself surrounded by the people who were divinely appointed to wall the journey of life with me at any given moment in time

Life & light

Be mindful about the thoughts, experiences, and practices that you entertain. Not everything is meant to find a home in your heart Some things are meant to be chased away. Others are meant to be ignored. Then there are those things that give us life…. the things that make us come alive… When you runContinue reading “Life & light”

The year I overdosed on Christmas

I sat there on the couch, surrounded by people that I loved and cared about, but at that moment I would have given anything for an excuse to get up and leave.

Boundaries with bosses, friends, & loved ones

Are you dealing with a disrespectful boss, friend, or loved one?…. if so, click play. The next 1 min and 43 sec are for you. 👍👊💥 – Unapologetically yours, John Eli Garay John Eli is a transformational life coach who has spent over 15 years mentoring individuals in life skills, career transitions, and through organizational change.Continue reading “Boundaries with bosses, friends, & loved ones”