Brokenness doesn’t have to be permanent

Waking up the next morning was downright painful. I was living my worst nightmare. The world that I had tried to hide from my loved ones was now exposed and there was nothing that I could do about it. At that moment, I felt broken and irreparable. Nevertheless, I knew that if I ever wantedContinue reading “Brokenness doesn’t have to be permanent”

Forgive yourself

Although it is completely impossible for you to change your past…. Your future is greatly dependent on you. • Stop holding on to past hurts and mistakes. • Choose to live in, and embrace, the new life that God gives. • You are not your failures… You are who God says you are…. You areContinue reading “Forgive yourself”

Radical love > Self-hatred

I chose to confront this question with a clear and conscious decision to love myself regardless of the opinions, or judgement, of others. I concluded that the gospel is much more than a “get out of hell for free” card. It is an invitation for me

How I overcame anger, disgust, and self-hatred

Feelings can be used as a launching pad that sends you on a pathway towards redemption, restoration, and change. However, if not dealt with, feelings can hold you prisoner to the things you hate most.