Forgive yourself

Although it is completely impossible for you to change your past.... Your future is greatly dependent on you.•Stop holding on to past hurts and mistakes.•Choose to live in, and embrace, the new life that God gives.•You are not your failures... You are who God says you are.... You are a child of the king.•So if … Continue reading Forgive yourself

Radical love > Self-hatred

I chose to confront this question with a clear and conscious decision to love myself regardless of the opinions, or judgement, of others. I concluded that the gospel is much more than a “get out of hell for free” card. It is an invitation for me

How I overcame anger, disgust, and self-hatred

Feelings can be used as a launching pad that sends you on a pathway towards redemption, restoration, and change. However, if not dealt with, feelings can hold you prisoner to the things you hate most.