How I defeated bullies and what I learned from it.

“Hey John,” he said, “You get picked on a lot, at school, don’t you?” For a moment I paused. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to answer his question. If I chose to be honest, maybe he’d show some compassion. But in my fourteen years of living, I came to understand that compassion was not an adverb that was commonly used to describe teenage boys. If one existed, he would surely have to be placed on an endangered species list.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? – God never places a dream in your heart without empowering you with the ability to bring it to fruition. – Take a moment today to write down how you would like to live your ideal life….. Also take a moment to write down one step that you can take,Continue reading “What are you waiting for?”

What I learned about the “stage” of life

Many of us stay stuck, in a miserable state of living, simply because we do not give ourselves permission to imagine life as anything different. If we are to ever move forward in life, we must allow ourselves to imagine what life would be like outside of our current reality.

Your life is sacred

You will become what your soul feeds on. – Where you plant yourself, on this journey of life, matters more than you know. – Every conversation that you participate in, every book you choose to read, what you choose as entertainment, and especially those who are in your circle of influence, all come together toContinue reading “Your life is sacred”

Forgive yourself

Although it is completely impossible for you to change your past…. Your future is greatly dependent on you. • Stop holding on to past hurts and mistakes. • Choose to live in, and embrace, the new life that God gives. • You are not your failures… You are who God says you are…. You areContinue reading “Forgive yourself”

Lame?…. Pshhh…

By no means should your life be described as “lame” or “boring”. • Before the creation of time God had you in mind, and he designed you to be unlike any other. He gifted you with specific gifts and talents. He hand-crafted your personality and your intellect…. and now he offers you a great bigContinue reading “Lame?…. Pshhh…”

Discomfort and change

I usually experience seasons of discomfort prior to seasons of growth and forward movement. • I’ve come to the understanding that discomfort is actually a divine gift. • Time after time God has used discomfort to nudge me out of my comfort zone. • Although, I tend to fight change, I also know that changeContinue reading “Discomfort and change”

How to deal with feelings of abandonment

This is for those of you who have been feeling alone, neglected, or abandoned.
May the love of Jesus surround you as you walk this journey of life. 

The challenge with defining “sacrifice”

Have three minutes to spare? I’d like to share this thought with you. Feel free to comment below to join in the conversation. Bendiciones! John Eli is a transformational life coach who has spent over 15 years mentoring individuals in life skills, career transitions, and through organizational change. His resume includes pastoral care, behavioral health, andContinue reading “The challenge with defining “sacrifice””