A quick morning prayer

Father God, Today I approach you with the desire to be more like your Son. Just as He shined light into a world filled with darkness, so I want to shine too. Holy Spirit help me to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. May my life reflect His love and grace in all I say … Continue reading A quick morning prayer

The day I decided to break free from the curse of poverty

In middle school, I had a realization that life on our farm was more complicated, than I pictured it to be. This realization came to me during my induction to the National Junior Honor Society. The night before, my mother and I had gotten into an argument over what I would wear.

Why my 7 hour drive was worth it….

Approximately three years ago, I found myself dragging my soul through the darkest corridor I’ve ever traveled through. It didn’t help that I created this mess myself. Somewhere along the line of trying to navigate life outside of my calling....

Thoughts on creating meaningful friendships….

This past weekend I had several conversation that sparked up some thought surrounding the topic of friendship. I'd like to share some thoughts that have come across my mind since then. Hope you enjoy it.

Greater than your past

God's plan for you is greater than any mistake that you could ever make. - The decision that tried to paralyze you is insignificant in comparison to what the future holds. - Although you cant deny the past, you can deny the grip that it has on you. - Shake yourself off and take a … Continue reading Greater than your past

John Eli’s bookcase (Jan 2019 edition)

Something that sits high on my list of values is personal development, My favorite way to satisfy my desire to grow is by reading. This month, I had the privilege of reading/listening to 13 different books. I thought I’d take a quick moment to give you a glance of my January reading list.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? - God never places a dream in your heart without empowering you with the ability to bring it to fruition. - Take a moment today to write down how you would like to live your ideal life..... Also take a moment to write down one step that you can take, … Continue reading What are you waiting for?