Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

I’m thankful for the many things that God has blessed me with. • Because of His grace, I have life. I have hope. I have peace. • He has given me clarity and purpose. • He has placed amazing people in my life (my wife, my family, and my friends) • I am beyond gratefulContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!”

Thoughts on personal strength, weakness, poor-choices, and healing

One thing that I can always count on, when my suegra visits, is homegirl is going to “get-down” in the kitchen. That lady can cook like there is no tomorrow. And I…. let’s just say that I am 100% fine with that. However, the day after, I can literally hear my arteries crying, as they continue to process all the refined grease (manteca) and spices that we, Mexicans, like to indulge in.