Strength vs Weakness

At times your mind will trick you into believing that your weaknesses are permanent. It will also attempt to get you to believe that your strengths hold no value. As convincing as your thoughts may seem, you must hold a stance that recognizes that there will always be an opportunity for growth. Knowing this, itContinue reading “Strength vs Weakness”

My path from self-hate to acceptance

There was a time in my life when I literally hated the sound of my name. Somewhere, in the dark corridors of my mind, I created a story of shame. The story of shame included the sound of my name.

Anxiety & what I learned from it

I rushed home, buried my face in my pillow, & began to cry… I felt as if I was losing control. I felt alone. I felt less-than. I felt shame. I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. Why me? I was trapped in a shell of perpetual fear.