The Coaching Process

Welcome to BD². I designed this 8-week journey to help you break from the unrealistic expectations that have been placed on you by family, friends, lovers, society, and even yourself. BD² will help you to bridge the gap between your “current life” and your “desired reality.”

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Phase 1
Be (Identity)

“When you know who you are, then you’ll know what to do.”

As a member of the human race, you can rest assured that adversity will come knocking at your door. As it approaches, you will be tempted to taken on your circumstance as your identity. Once you allow that to happen, you will no longer see yourself staring back when you look in the mirror. Instead you will see your mistake, your pain, your circumstance. The process of losing your identity leaves you unable to move forward in life. Therefore, rediscovering your identity and purpose is crucial to managing life through adversity and for creating the life that you desire to have.

In Phase I, I will take you on a two-week journey to rediscover your authentic self. I create a space where you can reacquaint yourself with your character strengths you will encounter your purpose, and you will start to regain direction in life.

Phase II
Dream (Vision)

“Life isn’t about find yourself. Life is about creating yourself”- George Bernard Shaw

Adversity will try to rob you from the ability to envision a life outside of your circumstance. Once blinded from seeing the possibility of life outside of your mess, you will slowly start to normalize your pain. Your dysfunction will start to feel like home. You will lose your motivation to fight for your purpose. And you will find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of emotional imprisonment, frustration, escapism, and relinquishing power to your enemy.

In Phase II, I will empower you to reclaim your ability to see life outside of your circumstance. I will help you clearly define the life that you desire to have and help you to take the first steps to making it a reality.

Phase III
Believe (Mindset)

“Our behaviors are the tangible expression of our beliefs.”
– Jeff Vanderstelt

“At some point, you must release all beliefs holding you back from being who you were created to be, and start embracing the possibility that you were created for so much more” – John Eli

Any attempt to create lasting transformation that is based on behavior modification alone is guaranteed to fail.
You are more than the survival patterns that caused the predicament that you find yourself in. You are a whole-being that can not afford to address your wounds superficially. From this point moving forward your peace requires you to to address your beliefs at the heart, mind, and soul levels.

In Phase III, I will create a space to help you identify the personal beliefs that have kept you enslaved to your unwanted circumstance. I will also provide a path to help you identify the beliefs that you will need to have moving forward.

Phase IV
Do (Practices)

“What you intentionally choose to do, consistently, will determine your outcome.”

Arriving at personal greatness will require you to develop the practice of laying aside good things to make room for the best things that life has to offer. Your transformation will require you to demonstrating daily commitment, discipline, and intentionality. Your daily routines will either empower you or destroy you. What you choose to do matters more than you know.

In this final phase, I will help you to identify and implement the daily practices that are necessary to make your dream become a reality. I will also help you assess your strengths, opportunities, and weakness as you move forward to becoming all that you were created to be.

The BD² Process includes :

  • (8) 45-minute breakthrough sessions
  • A weekly individualized growth plan
  • 1 weekly accountability touch via email

BD² Testimonials

After years of feeling stuck in cycles of mental and emotional defeat, I wanted to invest in
getting some help in overcoming some of my setbacks but didn’t know how to go about it. I had a Discovery Call with John, and after that, I knew that this was a divine appointment. So much was revealed to me from just that one session that I couldn’t wait to begin to see what more was in store for me.
Through the BD2 coaching sessions, John helped me to discover my God given
purpose, which set the foundation of how I approach my relationships and how I spend my
energy. I have the tools, through discovering my true identity, to break free from false narratives and ideas that crippled me from taking risks, setting goals and dreaming about what my life can look like. I know how to break free from judgment of myself and recognize the mindsets that became major obstacles in my progress. I now have the confidence in what I am able to accomplish and what opportunities await me. This experience has changed my life!
– Keisha D.

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