Finish Strong- Day 34

Welcome to day 34 of the “Finish Strong” challenge. πŸ”₯

Be intentional with the distance that you choose to travel. Unrealistic expectations will make you fall short of your goal or drain you of energy.

Here’s your assignment for the day. πŸ“š
Take a 1-minute to view the accompanying video, then grab your notebook/journal and take 10-15 to answer the following: ✍️⏱Think about your goal and answer the following questions

  1. What do I want my end result to look like?
  2. What do I expect to feel when I achieve it?
  3. How far do I want to take this goal and what is realistic?

In the comments below, share your answers to the questions above. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Go out and be all that God created you to be today!!!!Stay tuned for the next steps tomorrow….

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