Life outside of dysfunction

Sometimes we become so comfortable with the day-to-day routine of our dysfunction that we are unwilling to imagine life outside of it. Instead of pursuing freedom, we continuously run back into the arms of the things that hold us captive. - For years I believed a lie that my opinion and desires were unimportant. Consumed … Continue reading Life outside of dysfunction

Shame is like mold

For years I allowed the shame of my past to rob me of my vitality. I was disappointed with what I had allowed my life to become and unwilling to forgive myself for it. In retrospect I realize I should have sought counsel and accountability. Instead I chose isolation and self-loathing. I stepped back from … Continue reading Shame is like mold

Personal growth and maturity

Your response to criticism and circumstance speaks volumes of where you are at spiritually, emotionally, & developmentally. Healthy personal growth requires intentionality. It requires the discipline to avoid the conversation & activity that rob us of vitality.... It takes a conscious decision to only feast on the activities practices that bring us spiritual & emotional … Continue reading Personal growth and maturity

What is your destiny based on?

Remember that you are not your circumstance. You were created by God and for God. You were divinely conceived in the mind of your creator before the start of time. He created you with everything you will need to become all that you were created to be. There is never a moment when you are … Continue reading What is your destiny based on?

The freedom of rejection

Rarely, do we greet the word, "No" with instant gratitude. Feelings of dissapointment and rejection are not always easy to face. Nevertheless, they undoubtedly lead us to a blank canvas that is waiting for us to co-create the next chapter in our life's journey. When facing dissapointment, never forget that God is working all things … Continue reading The freedom of rejection

Repressed feelings and Jesus

I can't help but wonder, how many miracles fail to actualize, simply because we are unwilling experience our feelings instead of us repressing them. Could it be possible that the miracle that we are waiting for is standing right outside our choice to express our feelings freely.