Hey Bro! (if they knew your story)

Hey bro,⁣
There’s a word that you need to grasp a hold of as you move forward from the disasters of your life….. That word is “Grace.” Simply stated, grace is undeserved favor. ⁣

So why grace?⁣
Because, not everyone will understand you. ⁣
Because, I can guarantee you that you will encounter people who will not take the time to listen to your entire story. ⁣
Because, these people are prone to judge you, ridicule you, and talk about you.⁣
And also….⁣
Because, as a human being, you are prone to forget about how far you have come… and because you’ll be tempted to judge yourself too…⁣

I believe in you…⁣
… And I’m praying for you…⁣

Go out and be all that God created you to be!!!⁣

Does this resonate with you? If so, leave a comment below. 👇👇👇⁣

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